Darrell Walden

Department Chair, Accounting
Associate Professor of Accounting

Selected Publications


W. Darrell Walden, Bill N Schwartz, The PhD Project: How Successful Is It?, American Journal of Business Education, 2011, 11-18

W. Darrell Walden, A. J. Stagliano, An Assessment of the Quality of Environmental Disclosure Themes, Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management, 2004, 137-165

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W. Darrell Walden, Robert H. Sanborn, Bill N. Schwartz, The Study Time Gap: Students' and Instructors' Estimation of Required Study Time, Advances in Accounting Education, 2000, 87-111

W. Darrell Walden, Marshall B. Romney, Creating a Website with FrontPage 98, New Accountant, 1999, 26-30

W. Darrell Walden, Paul M. Clikeman, Designing an Accounting Firm Website, The CPA Journal, 1998, 24-28

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W. Darrell Walden, Bill N. Schwartz, Environmental Disclosures and Public Policy Pressure, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 1997,125-154

Additional Publications

W. Darrell Walden, Kip Krumwiede, Dream Chocolate Company: A Product Costing Case, AAA Annual Meeting, 2010

W. Darrell Walden, From DOctoral Student to Faculty Member: Insights from PhD Project Alumni, AAA Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting, 2009

W. Darrell Walden, Bill N. Schwartz, Perceptions of Entering PhD Project Doctoral Students, American Accounting Association, 2006

W. Darrell Walden, Bill N. Schwartz, Perceptions of Entering Minority Doctoral Students in Accounting, American Accounting Association, 2005

W. Darrell Walden, Bill N. Schwartz, Perceptions of Entering African American and Hispanic Doctoral Students in Business, Critical Perspectives in Accounting, 2005


B.S., Virginia Union University 1972

M.S., Syracuse University 1973

Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University 1993

Contact Information

317 RSB
(804) 289-8577
(804) 289-8878 (Fax)

Areas of Expertise

Accounting (accounting education, financial, and managerial)
Accounting Information Systems