Dr. Isaac Skromne

Assistant Professor of Biology



Li, S., Skromne, I., Peng, Z., Dallman, J., Al-Youbi, A. O., Bashammakh, A., S., El-Shahawi, M. S., and Leblanc, R. M. (2016) “Dark” Carbon Dots Specifically “Light-up” Calcified Zebrafish Bones. J. Mat. Chem. B. 4: 7398-7405.

Cheng, J., Skromne, I., and Ho. R. K. (2016) Cdx4 and Retinoic Acid interact to position the hindbrain-spinal cord transition. Developmental Biology. 410:178-189.

Hayward, A. G., Joshi, P., and Skromne, I. (2015) Spatiotemporal analysis of zebrafish hox gene regulation by Cdx4. Developmental Dynamics 244:1564-1573.

Lee, K. and Skromne, I. (2014) Retinoic acid regulates, size, pattern and alignment of tissues at the head-trunk transition. Development 141:4375-4384.

Yariz, K., Duman, D., Zazo-Seco, C., Dallman, J., Huang, M., Peters, T., Sirmaci, A., Lu, N., Schraders, M., Skromne, I., Oostrik, J., Diaz-Horta, O., Young, J., Tokgoz-Yilmaz S., Konukseven, O., Shahin, H., Hetterschijt, L., Kanaan, M., Oonk, A. M. M., Edwards, Y. J. K., Li, H., Atalay, S., Blanton, S., DeSmidt, A., L., X.-Z., Pennings, R. J. E., Lu, Z., Chen, Z.-Y., Kremer, H., and Tekin, M. (2012) Mutations in OTOGL, encoding the inner ear protein Otogelin-like, causes moderate sensorineural hearing loss. American Journal of Human Genetics 91:872-882


Ph.D., Columbia University 2000
Development and Genetics

M.Phil., Columbia University 1996
Development and Genetics

M.S., Columbia University 1995
Development and Genetics

B.S., National Autonomous University of Mexico 1994
Biomedical Research

Contact Information

Gottwald Center for the Sciences
(804) 289-8871

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