Dr. Michael Kerckhove

Associate Professor of Mathematics
IQS Program Coordinator



Kerckhove, Michael. (1999) A Family of stratified area-minimizing cones. Duke Mathematical Journal, v. 96.

Kerckhove, Michael (1999) A shape of metric Blum ribbons. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, v.11.

Kerckhove, Michael (1999) Computation of ridges via pullback metrics from scale-space. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, v.1682.

Additional Publications

From Population Dynamics to PDE, The Mathematica Journal, Volume 14, May 2012.

(with G. Lawlor), The Circle and the Cycloid: a surprising link, American Mathematical Monthly, May 2007, vol 144, no 5, 441- 443.


Ph.D., Brown University

Contact Information

209 Jepson Hall
(804) 289-8774

Areas of Expertise

Differential Geometry