Paul Clikeman

Associate Professor of Accounting

Selected Publications


Paul M. Clikeman, J&K Fitness Supply Company: Auditing Inventory, Accounting Education: An International Journal, 2011

Paul M. Clikeman, Audit Evidence, Internal Auditor, 2009, 19-20

Marshall A. Geiger, Paul M. Clikeman, Brendan T. O'Connell, Elena Ochoa, Kristen Witkowski, Ilias Basioudis, Perceptions of Earnings Management: The Effects of National Culture, Advances in International Accounting, 2006, 175-199

Paul M. Clikeman, The Rise and Fall of Heilig-Meyers, Journal of Accounting Education, 2005

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Paul M. Clikeman, Return of the Socially-Conscious Corporation, Strategic Finance, 2004

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Paul M. Clikeman, The Quality of Earnings in the Information Age, Issues in Accounting Education, 2002

Marshall A. Geiger, Paul M. Clikeman, Brendan T. O'Connell, Student Perceptions of Earnings Management: The Effects of National Origin and Gender, Teaching Business Ethics, 2001, 389-410

Paul M. Clikeman, Bill N. Schwartz, Malcolm L. Lathan, The Effect of the 150-Hour Requirement on New Accountants' Professional Commitment, Ethical Orientation, and Professionalism, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 2001

Paul M. Clikeman, Integrating Research into the Initial Auditing Course, Advances in Accounting Education, 2000

Paul M. Clikeman, The Socialization of Undergraduate Accounting Students, Issues in Accounting Education, 2000

W. Darrell Walden, Paul M. Clikeman, Designing an Accounting Firm Website, The CPA Journal, 1998, 24-28

W. Darrell Walden, Paul M. Clikeman, Accounting Firm Websites: What Are the Benefits?, National Public Accountant, 1998, 24-26

Additional Publications

Paul M. Clikeman, Why It's Called a "Ponzi" Scheme, New Accountant, 2009, 10-12

Paul M. Clikeman, A Five-Minute Demonstration of Assertion-Based Auditing, The Auditor's Report, 2007, 2

Paul M. Clikeman, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Enron (But Were Afraid to Ask), New Accountant, 2007, 12-14

Paul M. Clikeman, Of Arthur Andersen and Dan Rather, The Providence Journal, 2004, 1

Paul M. Clikeman, The Greatest Frauds of the (Last) Century, New Accountant, 2003

Paul M. Clikeman, Auditors' Reports Should Be More Like Movie Reviews, Richmond Alumni Magazine, 2002

Paul M. Clikeman, A Rating System for Auditors' Reports, The Providence Journal, 2002


B.S., Valparaiso University 1982

M.B.A., University of Chicago 1984
Finance and Production Management

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1995

Contact Information

230 RSB
(804) 287-6575
(804) 289-8878 (Fax)

Areas of Expertise

Auditor Independence
Accounting (Financial)