Paul Hagenmueller

Personal Trainer


For more than 30 years, Paul has explored the integration of mind, body, and spirit in relation to well-being, fitness, stress management, and personal growth and development. He believes strongly in the power of living a healthy lifestyle, dealing effectively with stress, and setting and attaining personal goals. He was certified as a personal trainer/fitness counselor in 2000 and in the TRX training system in 2009. Paul is involved with the University of Richmond’s Working on Wellness program for new employees. In addition to personal training, Paul conducts fitness assessments and practices and teaches the relaxation response, meditation, and the use of visualizations.

Paul enjoys his work as a personal coach helping individuals adopt healthy lifestyles, identify and reach their wellness and fitness goals, and deal effectively with stress. In the fitness area, he emphasizes programs that help individuals to achieve functional fitness, improve balance, become stronger and more physically resilient, and improve flexibility, as well as achieve their specific fitness goals. When teaching individuals and groups about stress management, Paul helps participants understand the effects of stress, the mind-body connection, stress hardiness, and ways to ameliorate the effects of stress. Paul coaches participants at all levels of fitness and has experience working with older individuals and individuals who have special concerns such as balance; back, hip, knee and/or shoulder difficulties; arthritis; diabetes; fibromyalgia; and being a de-conditioned beginning exerciser.


AFAA Personal Trainer/Fitness Counselor

TRX Suspension Training

Adult CPR/AED, American Safety and Health Institute


B.S., University of Richmond

M.A., Duke University

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