Steve Thompson

Associate Professor of Management

Selected Publications


Steven M. Thompson, Robert Day, Robert Garfinkel, Integrated Block Sharing: A "Win-Win" Strategy for Hospitals and Surgeons, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 2012

Steven M. Thompson, Ken White, John Griffith, Transforming the dominant logic of hospitals, Advances in Health Care Management, 2011, 133-145

Steven M. Thompson, Matthew Dean, Robert Day, Robert Garfinkel, Dynamic allocation of cardiac diagnostic testing time slots, Decision Support Systems Journal, 2010, 463-473

Steven M. Thompson, Min Lu, Yanbin Tu, Computers and packaged software: Necessary or luxury goods?, The Journal of Business and Economics Studies, 2010, 32-48

Steven M. Thompson, Matthew D Dean, Advancing Information Technology in Healthcare, Communications of the ACM, 2009, 118-121

Steven M. Thompson, Manuel Nunez, Robert Garfinkel, Efficient Short Term Allocation and Re-allocation of Patients to Floors of a Hospital During Demand Surges, Operations Research, 2009, 261-273

Min Lu, Steven M. Thompson, Yanbin Tu, An Alternate Strategy for Building Sales of Computers: Generic Advertising, Journal of Business and Economics Research, 2008, 67-82

Ram Gopal, Robert Garfinkel, Steven M. Thompson, Privacy Protection of Microdata with Individual Identifiers, Information Systems Research, 2007, 23-41

Steven M. Thompson, Nezih Altay, Walter G. Green, Joanne Lapetina, Improving disaster response efforts with decision support systems, International Journal of Emergency Management, 2006, 250-263

Ram Gopal, Steven M. Thompson, Y. Alex Tung, Andrew Whinston, Managing Risks in Multiple Online Auctions: An Options Approach, Decision Sciences, 2005, 397-425

Additional Publications

Steven M. Thompson, Peter Ekman, Generation E: How Academia and Business Can Adapt to the Wireless World, Mercury Magazine, 2012, 22-25


B.S., University of Connecticut

M.B.A., University of Connecticut

Ph.D., University of Connecticut 2005
Information Systems

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