Valaria Vendrzyk

Associate Professor of Accounting

Selected Publications


Carolyn M. Callahan, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Maureen G. Butler, The Impact of Implied Facilities Cost of Money Subsidies on Capital Expenditures and the Cost of Debt in the Defense Industry, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 2012, 301-319

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Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Debra A. Salbador, An Examination of the Relations among Tax Preferences, Implicit Taxes, and Market Power in a Noncompetitive Market, Journal of the American Taxation Association, 2006, 47-67

Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Nancy A. Bagranoff, The Evolving Role of IS Audit: A Field Study Comparing the Perceptions of IS and Financial Auditors, Advances in Accounting, 2003, 141-163

Annie S. McGowan, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, The Relation between Cost Shifting and Segment Profitability in the Defense-Contracting Industry, The Accounting Review, 2002, 949-969

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Valaria P. Vendrzyk, How Management Accountants Assess the Quality of Data Warehouses, Management Accounting Quarterly, 2001, 28-33

Rumy Sen, Tarun K. Sen, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, An Instrument for Assessing Quality of Data Warehouses, Journal of Data Warehousing, 2000, 31-41

Nancy A. Bagranoff, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, The Changing Role of IS Audit Among the Big Five US-Based Accounting Firms, Information Systems Control Journal, 2000, 33-37

Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Annie S. McGowan, An Examination of the Economic Consequences Associated with Government Contractors' SCjoice of Cost Allocation Bases, The Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, 1999, 90-105

Jonathan M. Karpoff, D. Scott Lee, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Defense Procurement Fraud, Penalties, and Contractor Influence, Journal of Political Economy, 1999, 809-842

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Irvin T. Nelson, Valaria P. Vendrzyk, Trends in Accounting Student Characteristics: A Longitudinal Study at FSA Schools 1991-95, Journal of Accounting Education, 1996, 453-475


B.S.B.A., Shippensburg University 1976

M.B.A., Shippensburg University 1980

Ph.D., Texas A&M University 1993

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(804) 287-1832
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